Plus Two Exam Results 2013

Plus Two Examinations or Higher Secondary Examinations in Kerala were conducted in March and all students are now eagerly waiting for the DHSE Examination Results 2013 to come out. Since the Plus Two Examination Results publishing date was delayed in the previous years, it’s heard that extra measures has been taken to make sure the DHSE Examination Results 2013 are published earlier than the usual date.  Most of the higher secondary teachers have been working hard trying to finish the evaluation process faster to make the Plus Two Exam Results 2013 publishing process faster and easier.

Results Publishing Date / When DHSE Exam Results will Publish?

Many users have been asking this question in our Facebook page: when the Plus Two Examination Results are going to be published. I thought I’d clarify that in this post so that all the confused users can get a better overview of the Kerala Higher Secondary Results Publishing Date. Plus Two Exam Results 2013 is unlike the previous years. Like I mentioned above, the DHSE Exam Results 2013 are going to be published earlier than the previous years.

The DHSE Kerala Examination Results are expected to be published the date on 8th May 2013.

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General Information About Plus Two Exam Results 2013

From what I’ve heard, the exam was pretty much okay for most students. Physics subject was a little hard for most people. The question paper was prepared by IIT faculties and it was more of ‘high standard’ questions for an average student. However, some students still managed to do well in Physics examination. It has been decided that the students will be given 19 marks for Physics subject for all the questions that were out-of-the-syllabus.

Yes! This does mean all the students who wrote the Physics Exam will most likely pass the examination, unless they left all the questions unanswered. According to an external source, Chemistry students will most likely get rewarded with 5 marks for a few questions and those extra marks will be attributed to some of the already answered questions to compensate the out-of-the-syllabus question issue.

In other news, teachers who administered the evaluation camp for Mathematics subject had an opinion that the marking was not liberal this year and Mathematics results are not better than 2012. These are opinions from various teachers and do not take this as a final word on anything :)

Good luck with Plus Two Exam Results 2013. I hope you receive the marks you wished for.  Let us know what do you think about Plus Two Exam Results 2013 in the comment section :)

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